Venmo Lost connection with Bank error (Solved)

Venmo works with hundreds of banks and has over 40 million users sending and receiving money throughout the day. Its state-of-the-art features and ease of use set it apart from the rest. Despite all these attributes, it is far from being a perfect platform. 

Many Venmo users face lost connections with banks, resulting in payment failure for both the recipient and sender. You cannot transfer or receive the money if your Bank loses connection when adding to your Venmo account.  

Unless you use your Venmo balance, you can’t make a payment without linking the bank account. If everything is set up correctly, read through the whole article and discover why your Bank is losing connection with Venmo. 

Venmo lost connection with the Bank: Reasons and Fixes.

This issue is normal, as it can also occur with similar platforms. There could be a host of reasons why you cannot link your Bank or send and receive payments with Venmo. The most common reasons are wrong credentials, Security, MMF, and Servers.

If you experience a lost connection, you may have any of the above reasons; however, if none of the mentioned reasons leads you to resolve the issue. We’ll discuss what to do next. 

Security reasons – 

If you can’t access your Venmo account suddenly, that means you’re being protected. Venmo is highly protective when it comes to providing security for its users.

If it finds something not usual, it may temporarily seize the account or inactivate transactions so that no one can use your account. 

This happens when somebody tries to access your account from a different device or IP address. For security reasons, Venmo removes or unlinks your bank accounts so no one can move your money without your consent. 

However, if you’re using the app on a different smartphone, you’ll have to confirm your identity via the phone number and re-add your bank credentials to initiate transfers. 

Fix: Add Bank Account to Venmo using a smartphone.

If Venmo unlinks your bank accounts or debit card, the only way here is to re-add your payment methods. 

  • Launch the app from your home screen. 
  • Tap the Hamburger icon lurking in the top right corner.
  • In the settings menu, Tap Payment methods.
  • At the bottom, Tap Add Bank or card.
  • Now add your Bank or card by selecting the Bank or Card option
  • Now Verify your Bank either by signing in to your bank account or using your Bank’s routing and account number (which May take up to 3 business days).

Once added, you can send and receive money through the Venmo app. If you link a credit card, you have to pay a 3% fee per transfer, while using a bank account o debit card is free.

On the other hand, Bank verification may take up to 3 days if you manually verify your Bank. The instant verification requires you to log in to your bank account. 

Wrong credentials – 

Have you changed your bank username or password recently? If yes, Venmo is losing connection with your Bank. When you change your bank credentials, Venmo breaks the connection with your Bank, so you experience a connection issue. 

However, you’ve to verify your Bank once again to be able to use the platform. By reconfirming your details, you can transfer money normally. 

If you’re unable to add your Bank to Venmo, make sure your bank account or card is not disabled or discontinued. If that’s the case, the app will not link your payment source. 

Fix – Whenever you update your bank credentials, you might face a bank connection issue with Venmo. The only solution to enable transactions is re-adding your payment method and verifying it. Please check the above method to add a payment method. 

Multi-factor authentication 

MFA or Multi-factor authentication adds security layers to your payments. When you enable MFA, your account 

becomes more protective, and it’s harder to access for someone else. However, if you enable MFA, all your payment methods get unlinked as a way to establish a secure connection between you and the app.  

Fix: You’ve to re-add and verify your Bank right after turning on the MFA settings. Please note that verification may take 1-2 business days to complete. 

Bank servers are down.

We should remember that not every problem occurs from Venmo’s end, as your Bank may cause a problem too. Before trying your hands on every method listed here, ensure your Bank’s servers are up in your region. 

Most of the time, bank servers are down due to other causes like Maintenance and traffic overload. So, we have to be patient until the servers go back to normal in this case. 

Fix: Unfortunately, we cannot do anything but wait. To ease things up, you can check Venmo servers on

How to fix Venmo lost connection with Bank (Other ways). 

This could be a little overwhelming for you, but these tactics are helpful if the issue persists even after following the above methods. 

Update the app

Is your app outdated? This is one of the most common solutions which works most of the time. An app not running on the latest version may give rise to many problems, including crashing, glitches, and dysfunction. 

If your Bank breaks the connection with the app, maybe your app needs an update. Download the most recent version from the Play Store or AppStore and install it. You can also download an APK file from any authoritative website.

So first off, delete the outdated app from your smartphone, and download and install the latest version.

Complete the process by confirming your phone number and adding your bank account or other payment methods. This should resolve your problem. 

Check Internet connection

Your internet decides the fate of your apps. If it is slow, apps will run slowly, and if it is fast, apps will be fast. No matter how powerful technology your smartphone is built with, good internet is what you need to run apps. Well, most apps don’t need the internet, but most do. 

Anyway, ensure your internet connection is fast enough, so you don’t get stuck in an intermediate process like a money transfer or anything that needs both sides to be active. However, we cannot control the other side, but things won’t take too long or break the connection if the internet is faster. 

Try to switch between your data and WiFi. Notice which side has a faster network speed.

Delete Cache

Caches are the information or data gathered to enhance your app experience. You may have a stockpile of cache while Using the Venmo app. Deleting those caches will Ease old files and new files build up all the time when you use the app.

However, this process is a temporary fix, which one can use to free up extra storage and prevent personal information from sharing. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I get my Venmo balance if my bank account is not linked?

A. There is no way around pulling out your cash from Venmo until you link and verify your payment method. Once you add your Bank, you can withdraw funds anytime. 

Can I add my payment source after changing the credentials?

Yes, you can re-add your payment method after updating the details. But you won’t be able to transfer funds unless you add your updated payment source.

Why am I unable to send funds after enabling Multi-Factor authentication?

A. After enabling MFA, Venmo unlinks your payment methods from all devices to ensure safety against spammers. You have to link your payment methods again to send and receive funds. 

Wrapping it Up 

That’s all. Here are all the reasons and solutions to fix Venmo lost connection with the bank issue. If we sum it up and keep aside all the reasons, the common solution to resolve this issue is to re-add your bank account or debit card.

There are factors too that may cause such problems that we’ve already rounded up here. We hope this article will help you out. 

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