Venmo app not working? (All Problem Fixes)

Venmo, the peer-to-peer payment transfer app, is always on the buzz. Not only is it the most popular payment app, but it also offers flexibility for users to manage their transaction history, block users, and much more.

With the app, you can send an amount of up to $20,000 in minutes. Despite having so many plus sides, it may not be a perfect platform for every user because each individual has different requirements and ways of seeing things. 

However, if your Venmo app is not working, this article will get you through it. Whether you cannot set up your bank or debit card or are unable to send money to the recipient, this article has got you covered.  

Why Venmo app is not working?

We have to look into why the app is not working on your device from all aspects. There could be many reasons keeping you from using your Venmo app.

However, the most common reason is that the app is outdated. So merely updating the app has fixed several problems. 

Another common reason the Venmo app is not loading or working properly is that your smartphone’s storage is full. Similarly, there are tons of reasons that we’ve rounded up here so you can easily read and fix your issue. 

Update your app 

No matter how flashy your smartphone is, if apps are outdated, your smartphone is just barren land. Apps make your smartphone a complete fun box; we can’t agree more on that. If you’ve not updated your Venmo app to the latest version, it’s time to do it. 

If the app is not running on the latest version, it may crash and may not load properly. And when you can’t access the services or perform transfers due to crashing or loading issues, the app is obsolete. 

An updated app not only fixes such issues but also adds layers of protection by eliminating known bugs. Developers also do core changes once by adding new features and services.

Therefore, We must update the app whenever it rolls out. You can also set updates to auto if you don’t want to look for each update whenever they come. 

Update Venmo on Android 

  • Go to the Playstore on your Smartphone.
  • Search for “Venmo” and hit the update button (If available).

On iOS

  • Launch Appstore on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Type “Venmo” and find out if it needs an update.
  • Click on the update button. 

Delete Cache

If you cannot send a payment through Venmo, your Payment gets stuck, or the app functions badly while you send money, your app needs to be cleaned out. 

Your app builds up a cache over time to enhance your experience within the app. However, these caches may cause several errors if not cleared up periodically.

After cleaning up the cache, you will weed out minor bugs that ruin your app experience. Besides, the app will run faster.

 Here’s how to delete the Venmo cache

  • Navigate to the Settings.
  • Go down and access the “Applications and Permissions.”.
  • Now tap on App manager.
  • Find and click on the Venmo.
  • Then click Internal Storage.
  • Next, hit Clear data and cache. 

On iOS 

  • Launch Settings from your home screen.
  • Tap General.
  • Find and click on “Venmo“.
  • Now tap on the Offload App.

Reset Network Settings – 

How come this solution fixes the Venmo app not working issue? Well, it does. Akin to cache, your Network settings also pile up data to enhance your experience.

So by resetting the network settings, your default settings take place by replacing everything from your linked devices and VPNs to WiFi passwords and usernames. In short, you get brand new network settings that your smartphone had at the time of purchase. 

So, if you face trouble connecting to the internet, this tactic almost every time works. Also, note that new network settings won’t delete your personal data or app. 

How to reset network settings-

On Android

  • Launch Settings.
  • Tap System>Backup and Reset.
  • Tap Reset Network Settings.

On iOS

  • Navigate to the Settings. 
  • Tap General>Transfer or Reset. 
  • Tap Reset Network Settings.

Shutdown and Restart the smartphone

If the Venmo app is lagging or crashing while logging in or making payments, the smartphone is likely clamoring for sleep.

When you restart your smartphone, all the applications running in the background go away and don’t interfere with the active applications. As a result, fast performance overall.

This simple tactic can hammer out many minor bugs. To restart your smartphone, simply press the power button for a few seconds and select “Restart” from the power menu options. 

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Clear up your Storage – 

Do you have enough storage for apps to run smoothly? Storage may be why your Venmo app is not loading or lagging too much. The only fix here is to clean up unwanted space you no longer need. 

You may have apps that are eating up much of your memory space, and you don’t use them either. So carefully lookout for unwanted apps or duplicate files moldering in your file manager. Your device responds faster than ever by emptying storage, and apps do not experience a glitch or any loading issue. 

Factory reset your smartphone- 

Most of the time, things don’t work even after following all the steps mentioned in this article. That’s when a factory reset comes into the fray. It’s one of the most popular and useful tactics to resolve smartphone problems. If your Venmo app is throwing some problem that you couldn’t fix with any above methods, it’s time to revamp your smartphone. 

This tactic would resolve loading, crashing, glitches, minor bugs, and other errors that you face with your Venmo app. However, unlike other methods, Factory reset erases everything from your smartphone and makes it a brand new device like you’ve purchased it recently.

So we recommend you back up your data to the Gdrive or iCloud if you want to roll back to the previous data and settings. 

Learn how to Factory reset your device to fix Venmo errors.

On Android 

  • Head to Settings and tap System.
  • Access Backup and Reset. 
  • Now Tap Factory Data Reset.
  • Select Reset Device and tap Erase everything. 

On iOS – 

  • In the settings, tap General.
  • Skip or Select Transfer your data to iCloud Storage and hit Continue.
  • Hit Erase All Content and Settings. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why am I seeing Venmo error try again later?

This could be a technical error, or you’re not connected to your WiFi. Make sure you’re using the updated version of the app and connected to the internet.

Also, check your bank statement or transaction history to see if your transaction was successful or failed. 

Why did Venmo decline my Payment?

Maybe you’ve exhausted the daily, weekly, or monthly limit as a verified or non-verified member. Another reason could be that you’re using the wrong card or sending money to the wrong recipient who is not using the Venmo app.

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Why My Venmo app is crashing?

If your app is crashing whenever you launch the app or try to log in, it needs to be updated. Also, keep your Storage adequate for the applications to function smoothly and fast. 

Wrapping it up- 

These are all the easy fixes for why the Venmo app is not working. Read through every point of the article and figure out why you can’t use the app correctly. However, updating the app always seemed to work in resolving app issues. We always suggest users update the app first before trying out other methods. 

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