Why is Venmo Down? 2023 (Ways to Fix)

Are you unable to access Venmo? You’re not alone. So many users experience such issues quite often, although everything looks fine from their end. Despite having cutting-edge technology, websites and apps may face server outrage issues or be hit by malware or something else.

If you’re trying to make a payment or send funds through Venmo but Unfortunately can’t succeed, there could be an issue on your bank’s or the app’s end.

In his article, we’ve compiled a few crucial reasons and solutions to help you fix your issues. Let’s barge forward.

Is Venmo really down?

If the site or app is inaccessible from any device in the U.S., then it’s certain that there is something unusual going on with the company. But wait, do you think it’s going to happen? Well, Venmo is not an ordinary company that runs on poor servers or softwares, so it’s unlikely that the company could go down for hours or even be inoperable for a minute.

Somehow over 70 million transactions occur annually on Venmo, and if it goes under the rock for even a minute, you can imagine the results. But, believe it or not, Venmo will only get into that after letting you know.

Anyway, why can you not access it if the platform is not down or facing any server outrage problem? To answer your question, we’ve laid down some reasons, so look at them and figure out where an issue could be.

  • You may have a problem with your internet or DNS settings.
  •  Your device may contain malware or viruses that keep you from accessing the app.
  •  Venmo may be experiencing an unexpected traffic rush or server overload.
  •  Your app or browser may be outdated, so your payments aren’t going through.
  •  There could be a common technology error on the company’s end.
  •  Your bank may be experiencing a server outage problem.

What’s the Fix?

We can only resolve our issue once we know where the problem is. In case you know and confirm where the problem is, you can act accordingly. But unfortunately, if the site is down or your bank’s servers are not responding, you can’t do anything but wait.

Venmo has a team of engineers who monitor minor issues and ensure the platform runs smoothly without any pesky errors. If you’re unable to log in to your app or make a payment, then your bank is the one that is facing a server issue, or most likely, your app is not updated to the latest versions.

So, many issues can be resolved simply by updating the app. And it should be the first step before scouring the internet for help.

However, if a problem is out of hand, there is little you can do about it. So here are a few ways to fix Venmo issues.

Update your app

We never know if the site is down or the app is acting up. Since fixing the company’s servers is not in our hands, and it’s also uncertain that the app has no flaws, we can first check for the latest update.

Make sure your app is updated to the latest version to fix minor issues like crashing or more major problems like payment failure, etc. Due to the outdated app, you may bump into several issues that will only be resolved when you update your app.

So, if your app is not processing a payment or throws some kind of error, it could be outdated. To update your app, Zgo to the Playstore or AppStore and check if your update is available.

Fix your DNS settings

If you’re trying to land on the website using any browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, you can encounter some DNS (Domain Name System) errors such as “this site can’t be reached or “unable to connect to the internet.”

This could happen due to misconfigured network adapters or incorrect DNS server addresses. You can only access a web address if your DNS address retrieves an IP address properly.

To detect a DNS server issue on your device, try to open a web address on a different device and check if it opens correctly. If you can easily access the web on another device, then you must follow the steps below to fix DNS server issues-

  • Try Restarting your router or modem; keep it off for atleast 10 seconds.
  •  Turn off any anti-virus or firewall on your device.
  • Change and validate your DNS settings on your PC.
    •  Flush DNS Cache. Simply open CMD and type ipconfig/flushdns, and hit Enter (For Windows).
    •  For Mac, Open Terminal and type command: sudo dscacheutil -flushcache; sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder. 

Bank servers are busy

Unless you bump into any message like “You caught us in a bad state” or “we are in maintenance mode,” it’s hard to say whether Venmo is down.

If you’re losing connection with your bank, but can access the site or app, then it’s your bank’s fault. Your bank or credit union may be facing server outrage issues or going through some kind of update. It’s also possible that your credit or prepaid card has expired, so your transactions are not going through or being declined.

Make sure there is no problem from your bank’s or credit union’s end to be able to send money and make payments with Venmo. In such a case, you can ask your bank if the servers are busy and why you can’t send money.

Clear your app cache

When you use the app, it starts to pile up junk files or cache over time to improve the user experience. However, this cache may cause much trouble if not deleted occasionally. Whenever you experience unexpected behavior from your apps, it is the result of corrupted cache files.

In the case of Venmo, you might face minor technical problems like crashing, slow loading, white screen, block screen, and more. You might confuse such issues with servers issue, so it’s worthwhile to eradicate the cache of your app before things go wild for you.

To delete the cache, simply go to the settings of your android device, find Apps & permissions, access Apps, and find the app you want to clear the cache. On iOS, you can launch the settings, tap General, Access Storage, and choose the app.

Check Venmo servers

You may have difficulty logging in, sending a fund, making payments, and overall app if Venmo has some internal issues. In fact, lots of users experience delay with an Instant transfer option. The platform could be in a bad state, and you may face some internal issues they may already know of.

In such cases, you must keep patience as long as the company figures out and fixes the issue. We can only watch the show, as we have no access to the servers or backend of the company, and investigate the issue further.

Venmo outages

However, in the meantime, you can check the servers at Downdetector.com, which is a well-known site for checking servers with 24-hour outage charts, and users’ comments.

Besides, you can keep tabs on the company’s official Twitter support page, where you’ll get fresh updates on the website’s health and problems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is Venmo saying connection time out?

When your Wifi is poor or broken, you may encounter a connection time-out issue. Make sure you’re connected to the Wifi or any other internet service to avoid this problem.

How do I check Venmo servers outage?

To check the real-time server reports of the company, you can head over to the websites like Downdetector or Isitdownrightnow. Simply put over the URL, and it will tell if the platform is facing any server outrage or not.

Wrapping it Up

As it turns out, users can’t resolve the server problem alone. If Venmo is down, it has to be them who can fix the problem, not the users. All we can do is check the current server status and get updates on the latest issues.

Anyway, if you don’t find any issue on the company’s end, carefully look into the solutions we’ve listed in this article. Still in doubt? Write a comment down below with your question or doubt. Thanks for the read.

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