Here’s How to delete Venmo transaction history

Like any other P2P payment app, Venmo lets you see your transactions history year by year and month by month. It gives you the flexibility to track your payments, so you don’t lose track of where your money is going. 

But this helpful feature is something we want to get rid of. Maybe you don’t want to show your transaction history to anyone and keep it private. Or there could be any other personal reason. 

However, Venmo protects your data from any threat, breach, or data loss as it’s backed by Plaid, the security company which offers protections to fintech companies.   

But the fact is, that Venmo has no option to delete your transaction history. So how to delete your Venmo transaction history? Let’s understand. 

Why should you delete or hide Venmo history?

Since Venmo is a social platform where people can peep into the status of your shared transaction: sender/recipient, note, and timestamp, when will it go live on a public feed. 

This exposure of your payment activities is a big concern for so many users, as it can attract scammers and increase the chance of data theft or money laundering. However, Venmo is well aware of that issue and has given you options to manage who can see your payment activities: Public, friends, or just you. 

How to delete a Venmo payment history?

As mentioned above, there is no direct option to delete a transaction history on Venmo. Still, you can pretty much manage your payment history by doing some simple methods we have listed below. Before you try your hands on any of these methods, make sure your app is updated to the latest version, as well as your smartphone has enough storage and a good internet speed. 

And if your back up your data to a storage cloud, you may retrieve the old settings in case you run into any issues. 

So, Without any further ado, let’s jump right into the article. 

Close your Venmo account 

As there is no way to erase your Venmo transaction history within the app, you’ve to close your account to delete your payment history. This tactic is quite straightforward, as it does not involve many steps.

However, after closing the account, you’ve to signup from scratch to send Money from Venmo. You can use the same email id or phone number to create the account. 

If you remove your account, the app will keep your recent statement for a while before you can see a whole new Venmo app. To bring up all the contacts, you can give access to Venmo to pull in your contacts. 

Here’s how to delete your Venmo account.

  • Go to via Chrome or Safari, or any preferred browser.
  • Sign in and confirm your identity.
  • Access settings.
  • Go down to the bottom and hit “Close my Venmo account.”
  • Save and tap next and cancel. 

Transfer it to your bank account if you’ve got a balance lurking on the Venmo account. Also, we suggest you review and download your most recent transaction statement because once you hit a delete button, you can’t have access to it.  

You can be asked for your SSN to confirm your identity, and if you do not submit it, they can disable your account. This means you won’t be able to sign up again with the same credentials. 

(Note: Users cannot close their account in the app.)

Change your account to Private or Friends.

Your Venmo transaction history is set to Public by default. Anyone can spy on you when you set your statements to the Public. This candor may cause chaos if ignored for a longer period of time. You may be a target of scammers if they trap you in their sympathy game by accidentally sending you cash. 

So, Public Privacy is something we cannot overlook when it comes to the platforms like Venmo. Changing it to Private or Freinds can reduce the risk of money laundering and other fraud attempts.

If you set your Privacy to Freinds, you’re allowing your connections or family members to see and comment on your payments, while private mode only allows you to see your transactions – A much more secure way. 

Remember, if you and your friend have Private payments, the amount will always be secret. 

Make your Venmo payments Private.

  • Open the browser or app.
  • Navigate to the Settings.
  • Then tap Privacy.
  • In the default Privacy settings, change from Public to Private.

This setting will change your new payments to Private, but your old payments are still public. To change your old transactions settings to “Private” or “Freinds,” we have to follow some steps once again – 

  • Open your browser.
  • Go to the Settings.
  • Tap Privacy.
  • Under the Past Payments heading, click “Change All to Private.”
  • A confirmation box will pop up, confirm, and tap “Change to Private or Freinds.  

This is crucial as it will remove all your Venmo statements, past or new, from seeing by the people on the Internet.

Wrapping it Up – 

This article will walk you through how to delete a Venmo transaction history. We have piled up two useful ways to help you manage your transaction history with step-by-step solutions. Since the platform doesn’t offer a direct button to remove statements, these methods are quite helpful.

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